The Salvation Army in Saskatoon
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Register for Christmas Hampers Online or in Person

Help Us This Christmas

When You Put Money in Our Kettle, Expect ChangeThe Christmas Kettle is possibly the most recognized icon of The Salvation Army. With locations all over Saskatoon, it is almost impossible to miss seeing someone ringing a bell and collecting donations using the kettles during the holiday season.

This year the kettle campaign will start November 14th and runs six days a week through Christmas Eve.

All donations received in Saskatoon remain in Saskatoon.

In 2012, The Salvation Army in Saskatoon provided:

  • 84,268 meals served
  • 20,119 Men's beds provided
  • 2,799 Correction Bed's
  • 87,174 Meals (men's residence)
  • 155 Emergency Food hampers provided
  • 5,717 bag lunches to children (Food on the Move)
  • 218 Families received school supplies
  • 3,210 Meals served at Nutana Breakfast Program
  • 153 Emergency infant needs provided for
  • 4,986 People received clothing
  • 896 Christmas hampers
  • 3,000 famileis adopted out

By ringing a bell for just one day, a group can raise enough money to play a big part in what we do for the families of Saskatoon.

Groups or individuals may volunteer to staff a kettle for an entire day or at least a three-hour shift at a kettle location.

To volunteer for the kettles, please visite our online kettle page

339 Avenue C South. Saskatoon, SK. S7M 1N5 | 306.242.6833